Massage Therapy Facilitates the Healing of:
Lower back pain
Neck pain and shoulder pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries
TMJ Syndrome
Sports injuries
Emotional stress
And much more!

Monthly Massage Therapy
Does the idea of experiencing a massage each month sound frivolous? It's a common misconception; however, studies show that a monthly massage has expansive and long-term health benefits.

The number one benefit of massage is reducing stress. Reducing stress is no small feat. After all, stress is listed as a contributing factor in many diseases and accidents. Stress builds up and is stored in muscle tissue over time without your being aware of it. Massage therapy once a month will keep your body in a balanced state, promoting circulation and reducing the physical effect of stress.

Episodic Massage Therapy
Massage can assist in the healing of injured muscles. Typical muscle injuries include: repetitive strain injuries, injuries from accidents, sports injuries, strained muscles, and muscle spasms. In each of these cases massage will act as a catalyst for the body's natural healing abilities. In most of these cases, save injuries from accidents and sports injuries, the muscle injury may have been avoided in the first place had massage had been scheduled on a regular basis.