What Kate says is true: massage is not a luxury; it’s a necessity! I now have a massage every month – it’s as crucial a part of my healthcare as good nutrition and regular exercise. - Beth, Brookline, MA

I spend many hours a week at my computer in my home office. Before I started going to see Kate on a regular basis, I was suffering all the early symptoms of carpal tunnel. Thanks to Kate, I don't have to reach for the pain killers anymore… I would (and do) recommend Kate to everyone I know. She's a life-saver. - Kate, Dedham, MA

Kate is an extraordinary massage therapist. I feel like I enter some kind of Zen state when I am with her. - Christina, Newton, MA

I really notice that the nagging aches and pains are much more manageable since I have been coming for massages regularly. At the end of each session, I make sure to make the next appointment. - Annie, Brookline, MA

Kate Garms has an incredible talent for massage therapy. The treatment rooms are the most relaxing and comfortable I have ever been in. She is always appropriately strong and gentle and is always willing to explain anatomy and symptoms in understandable ways... I will definitely continue my treatment with Kate and would encourage anyone serious about healing and relaxation to experience Kate's expert treatments.
- Dave, Boston, MA